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Prime Edge Building Surveys is a SF Bay Area based service company that specializes preparation of commercial and residential measured drawings for commercial and residential structures across California. Residential measured set of drawings usually consist of Floor Plans, Elevations, Roof Plan, Electrical and HVAC layouts.

Typical measured drawings show all required architectural information including window and door schedules. To obtain all required information one or more field agents is sent to the site in order to document physical properties of the given structure. Final measured drawings become an essential step of the design process that assures smooth construction process and reduces unexpected costs associated with change orders.

Prime Edge Building Surveys works with general contractors and subcontractors during the closeout phase to verify changes made during the construction of the project. Such asbuilt documentation often needs to be completed before building gets occupancy clearance. Prime Edge either works with construction set of drawings and construction redlines to document deviations and additions to original drawings, or sends out a qualified professional to document such changes in the field.

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